Políticas leoninas

Si quisieras gobernar un país sudamericano, de qué signo debieras ser? Parecería que la respuesta es LEO.  Nada nuevo, Barack Obama también lo es… El encanto leonino es perfecto para ser político, no?

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If you’re not a Leo, you have a chance if you’re one of the other two fire signs – Aries or Sagittarius.

In other words, you’d better have an extroverted, confident, ebullient, gregarious personality if you want to rule a Latin/South American country. Ostentatiousness is accepted and some fluffing of the feathers encouraged.

Earth signs need not apply.

Here’s the current lineup:

Like the United States, Latin/South America likes fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio). Almost half of the current Latin/South American rulers are fixed.

Fixed signs have intensity, forbearance and determination. It seems appropriate that anyone wanting to rule any country in this world have determination and force of personality. The challenges are many so that mutable signs will be off onto something more fun and cardinal signs just get too frustrated.

The two greatest Latin/South American adversaries to the United States are Hugo Chavez of Venezuela…

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